Success – Richard St. John

Success – Richard St. John

Success – Richard St. John 564 513 Eric Roulo

8 Secrets of Success by Richard St. John

I enjoy this video for a few reasons. It is the ultimate 80/20 video. 3 minutes. If you don’t have three minutes to discuss how to be successful, please leave this website. I start all of my high school and college career talks with this video.

The “Big Eight Things that Lead to Success

  1. Passion: Successful people love what they do.
  2. Work: They work very hard.
  3. Focus: They focus on one thing, not everything.
  4. Push: They keep pushing themselves.
  5. Ideas: They come up with good ideas.
  6. Improve: They keep improving themselves and what they do.
  7. Serve: They serve others something of value.
  8. Persist: They persist through time, failure, and adversity.

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