Building great engineering teams

We help the world’s leading aerospace companies build great engineering teams. Drawing on our combined experience in aerospace and defense contracting, we focus on the 20% of knowledge transfer and skills development that contributes to 80% of success in business.

Tailored to your organization’s needs, our training provides a framework, the tools and support to increase your team’s effectiveness immediately.

Reduce risk:

Our training gives your team the knowledge, skills and resources to collectively detect problems early in a project design, before they become million dollar mistakes.

Prevent churn:

Retain your best talent by investing in their skills development, and provide employees’ opportunities for growth and internal promotion.

Increase efficiency:

Realize extreme productivity gains for your team by focusing only on the minimum of value added activities.


Using fast, accurate, and easy to understand sizing rules, designs can be set on the correct trajectory early in the development phase, reducing or eliminating costly redesigns later. Find out more.

How to model common primary structural components with finite elements to generate structural margins for verification of designs. View the agenda.

Advanced Nastran training to competently manage system-level integration FEMs. Find out more.

Optimize designs and meet requirements effectively and efficiently using Nastran finite element models for insight into the dynamic behavior of a structural system. View the agenda.

Get projects rolling from contract award to delivery while increasing your team’s productivity 5-10X using proven 80/20 Rule solutions. Find out more.

Uncover the seven deadliest sins of business communication and learn a proven communication-style framework to improve communication in your firm. Find out more.

“Roulo Consulting has been a driving force in implementing leading edge analysis and modeling practices for our engineering teams through seminars, Boot Camp training, and one-on-one interactions that have resulted in increased efficiency, greater accuracy, and improved designs for program team.”

– Dr. Keith Doyle, MIT Lincoln Labs


Eric Roulo, Roulo Consulting President

Eric Roulo has over 20 years of experience in aerospace, defense, and transportation analysis consulting and training with companies including Raytheon, NASA, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. He started his career at Space Systems/Loral, supporting most of the major primes on projects including military and commercial airplanes, spacecraft, and rockets. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has secured a patent for active steering of an appendage on a spacecraft using piezoelectric actuators.

Nehal Patel, Project Management for Engineers Instructor

Nehal Patel (PMP), leads RCI’s Project Management and Effective Systems Engineering training modules. Her 15+ years of experience includes designing military radar systems, overseeing military accounts for over $200M as a Program Manager, and heading the risk management function at Booz Allen Hamilton for a $3B Air Force contract. She is a certified management professional with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a masters in systems engineering and leadership.